Welcome to the official Hanzeclan website. We are a dutch Call of Duty 2 game Clan from the
north of Holland.

It all started in the autumn of 2004 with a little group of friends who all like to play online games.
We all know each other from the Hanzehogeschool founded in the beautiful city called Groningen.

Generally we are a clan that plays the game online, over the internet. But once in a while we also
visit LAN parties. Photo reports can be found at the pictures-section.

In the beginning we started with 3 "members". They are more or less the foundation of the
hanzeclan COD 2 clan. These members now have the "Star Member" status. Which can be seen
at the members section of this site.

This site is meant to inform our visitors about our Clan, about who we are and what we do.
There is a possibility to join our Clan, or to challenge us for a Clan War.

There is also a section where you can download the custom maps and MOD's we use in our
gameservers. Furthermore there is a guestbook, where you can post your messages to us and
our visitors.

If you wanna contact us personally, please click the Contact button at the right-top of this page.

We wish you all a pleasant stay and we hope to see you soon at the digital battlefields.